I bought a piano!  A piano that’s digital in nature, that is. Feast your eyes on this:

casiopriviapx160Drool, I know, I know. In all seriousness, I’m so happy right now. And you know what else? This beauty is a CASIO. Yes, CASIO, the company that you probably think only makes keyboards like this:


It’s a CASIO Privia PX-160… Privia… sounds so nice and luxurious doesn’t it? 😉 I grew up playing on my family’s baby grand piano in the living room. Sadly, the was the last REAL piano I had access to for quite some time. Over the last year or so, as Vota Por La Paz has taken shape, I began saving up for a serious piano. All my piano playing until that point had been on a keyboard not too dissimilar from the dinky one I posted a pic of above… ugh. Lack of octaves for the win… except the opposite of win. For the loss.

After saving up enough cash, I was on the lookout for a used digital piano in the $400 range. I’ve never spent this amount of money on a musical instruments, and as a result did NOT want to screw it up. Countless hours of research, about a thousand review pages like this best digital piano guide, and numerous visits to my local music shops later, and I decided it was going to be either a Yamaha or a CASIO, whichever I could find pre-owned in my desired price range. One fateful day I received a lucky eBay alert from my local area, and BAM, done deal. I picked up this beauty from a very kind person selling it.

It can do more than just piano sounds, but all I really want it for is the piano sounds. And I must say, while you probably wouldn’t confuse it for a real Steinway, it sounds impressive, at least to my ears. The key action is great and the textured keys are very nice. Cosmetically, the kind man I bought it from had taken very good care of it (and supposedly did not use it very much), so it is in excellent shape, except for a few scratches on the underside.

Sorry, I can’t contain my excitement, I just had to make a post about this [big] purchase. It was already inspired me to come up with some new tunes. PiC still hasn’t seen it!!! I cannot wait to show her, I think she’s gonna freak out that our piano sounds are coming from such a legitimate instrument.