Hello, welcome, and thanks for checking out our little corner of the web. We are Vota Por La Paz, a singer-songwriter duo from Los Angeles. Born and raised in the City of Angels, actually. It seems fashionable to be mysterious these days if you’re a musician, so we’ve decided to conceal our real identity… at least for as long as we can. We’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to pull that off at live shows, so stay tuned…


So, what’s up with our name, Vota Por La Paz? Well, the website name was available… kidding 😉 Well, not kidding, it actually was available. My partner in crime found the name after watching a YouTube video on something unrelated, and it instantly sounded great to both of us. It’s Spanish for “Vote For Peace”, which is also a great band name in its own right. However, a lot more stuff is named Vote For Peace, thus making it harder to stand out. So there’s the story of the name, nothing crazy…

We cannot wait to post some of our music for you to listen to. The best way to describe the style would be if M83 (you know, that one band with that one song that goes, dun-dun–dunn-duh) became an acoustic singer-songwriter duo. I’m mostly on the piano, and partner in crime (henceforth PiC) sings, and occasionally strums the guitar.


Our kind and beautiful friends lent us their home studio space with a lot of neat gear, and we’re beginning to tinker around and record ideas, and … gasp … even some full songs. Our sound is face-meltingly mellow, and we are so stoked to share it.

In fact, time to head there now, meeting up with PiC for a Starbucks and get caffeinated to pump out some… jams? Sorry.